Kaumaakonga reaches #1

Congratulations to our friends Kaumaakonga as they have reached number #1 on the Pacific Top 20 with their new album TAOBA. https://www.top20pacifique.com/


KMK breathe new life into their Traditional Avaiki chants while combining traditional rhythms and percussion with panpipes, guitar and unique vocal harmonies. They rework and perform the chants and stories of their Polynesian forefathers, many which were previously forbidden and at risk of disappearing completely due to the effects of colonization and religion reaching the shores of these small islands.

We met Kaumaakonga in the Solomon Islands and made field recordings of two songs at the Botanical Gardens in Honiara. listen here;

Kaumaakonga – Tongo Pupua (Field Recording)

Watch Kaumaakonga perform the song ‘Ngibao’;